Import functions in remote sessions

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Want to use a custom function inside a PSSession or BackgroundJob, use this one-liner to do all the heavy lifting.

Invoke-Expression ${Using:Function:<functionname>}.Ast.Extent.Text

Here’s a simple example:

function Invoke-HelloWorld {
    Write-Warning "Hello World"

$ScriptBlock = {
    Invoke-Expression ${Using:Function:Invoke-HelloWorld}.Ast.Extent.Text

Start-Job -ScriptBlock $ScriptBlock | Receive-Job -Wait -AutoRemoveJob

How does it work? Let’s break it down:

${} : Curly braces in PowerShell variable names allow for arbitrary characters in the name of the variable.
$Using:<VariableName> : Using Local variables in remote session.
$Function:<FunctionName> : Provides access to the functions defined in Windows PowerShell.

We are basically doing some kind of inception, pulling the function definition from our local session.

But why ${}.Ast.Extent.Text? my head hurts…

We dont want the scriptblock inside the function. We want the entire function definition as a string.

Hope this helps!

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